Owning Our Own Power And Joining The Galactic Family

Some may think that supporting the meditation and petition is just giving up our own power and relying only on Ets to save us.  This is not the case.  We can stand up for ourselves and stand on our own two feet and work with First Contact at the same time.  These two aspects don't have to be in opposition.  I don't see the surface population as being helpless without Ets, and the surface population should never be in the position of being helpless without Ets.  No one is helpless.  It's entirely possible for the surface population to own their own power and join the Galactic Family at the same time.  

I'm noticing two opposite polarities:

1. "We don't need positive Ets for anything."

2. "We are nothing without positive Ets."

The middle ground is to know the following:

We need positive Ets for assistance with certain matters that are beyond our control, such as stopping high tech weaponry being used against us, but we can still stand in our own power.  We are not domesticated animals to positive Ets.  We are sentient beings in our own Divine Right.  We have unlimited potential, just as all Cosmic Beings have unlimited potential, and we look forward to joining the Galactic Family.  Therefore, we will sign this petition:


The negative elites and their minions have been taking the above petition down.  At the time of this writing, the petition has been taken down twice so far.  There is a backup petition here though:


If the original page for the petition is taken down, sign the backup.  If the original page for the petition is working, sign the original.  If you've signed the original, don't sign the backup.  If you've signed the backup, don't sign the original.  People need to be counted once, and not twice.

And, we will do the following meditation:


Updates for the meditation can be found here:


Victory of the Light! 


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