Enjoy the Clearing! (Updated on 09/15)

Lately, I've experienced improvement when accessing the White Fire of An.

It was stated by Cobra that the White Fire of An helps clear subquantum anomaly. 

I can't really find any good images of a white flame online except for this one:



One can visualize this, and/or intend the White Fire of An to be invoked and present, if one feels guided.  

Make it as bright as can be!

Update on 09/15:

Cobra's latest:

"You can help clearing the subquantum anomaly most effectively with the violet flame:"





Both the Violet Flame and White Fire of An can be used to help clear subquantum anomaly, which definitely resonates.

Interesting to note: 

Outages have not happened before with my current internet, but there was an outage today that lasted a few hours during much of these updates:  

Very interesting synchronicity.

Keep going!


  1. From one of the interviews:

    Terry: Oh, I see. That's maximum. Okay. Okay. What is the major difference between the White Flame (Fire) of AN and the Violet Flame in terms of their energetic traits?

    Cobra: The Violet Flame, the purpose of the Violet Flame is purification and transformation. The purpose of the White Flame is anchoring of pure Light of Oneness.

    See also: https://www.welovemassmeditation.com/2022/10/cobra-interview-by-wlmm-igag-pfc-japan-official-part2.html

    I also received the following information: "Everything that favors unity, everything that helps to counter division created by cabal helps with clearing anomaly."

    At this point, I also want to give a quite recent example of my life:

    One day, I entered a supermarket and I saw a customer who has put empty bottles into a reverse vending machine. It was an old man who seemed to be angry. However, after he was done, he went into the supermarket without taking his receipt. So, I pulled it out the machine, walked after the man and gave it to him. He thanked me, but it was more than just a "thank you". He emitted a strong gratefulness in this moment which had a "positive backfire" effect on me as I would call it. It showed me that, even if they appear weird at first glance - most people are just struggling with the matrix as I do. This little experience showed me again that little deeds CAN make a great difference and on the other hand, it reduced my own negativity bias. So, it was a win-win situation!

    My personal experience is a very good example for what I said: That real lightwork is much more than just hanging around on the Internet and meditation. Otherwise I would say that many things are pretty... self-explanatory.

    1. "Does invoking the White Fire of AN clear subquantum anomaly?

      Yes, it helps."

      From the quote you mentioned, maybe the oneness can go to the subquantum level to clear the anomaly there.

      Awesome to have real world experience. I've had similar experiences in the past. This does have a huge impact!

      The meditations can be seen as creating internal harmony, which encourages more positive interactions in the outside world, as a positive feedback loop.

    2. I think that some Starseeds make a big mistake: They expect a huge worldwide change, but forget that it requires millions of small actions!

      It's like if you want to lose weight: It doesn't happen overnight, even with the fastest way possible. But on the other hand, the weight gain didn't come overnight either and it's actually the result of many unconscious actions. As someone who knows this problem very well and who has lost weight a couple of times in life already, it's funny to see how people subconsciously accept weight gain first, but when it begins to bother them, the excessive pounds have to go in a blink of an eye! 😁

      Speaking of: It's almost 2 weeks ago since I started my keto diet and I'm very satisfied with the results so far! Although I don't see much of the progress yet, I can definitely feel it! And seriously: Having more physical stamina is worth gold!

    3. 3D is probably the most complex realm in existence. Many people aren't willing to look at the real science and intricacies within 3D. So, they don't take action and stagnate. Food is an example. Most people don't think twice about eating a doughnut or drinking a soda. So they poison themselves on a daily basis and then wonder why their health is going down the tubes. Then they think if they add some fruit to their diet as they are often advised to, it will make them healthy, with zero understanding and desire to understand the real science. And so, they remain stuck.

      I was told by SK that one of the manipulations was to take the Mars aspect out of spirituality. The Mars aspect isn't limited to war. Mars is also about taking action, both internally and externally. A really powerful spirituality is one that is not passive, and instead incorporates action. What also comes with this is knowing that, like you said, change doesn't happen overnight!

      Anymore, I don't think about the Event when thinking about change. Focus has more become about personal, experienced changes, like how you are losing weight - perfect example. ⚡️

  2. Starlight, is there any guided meditation video that you use? Or, do you invoke the white of An with just pure visualisation?

    1. Good question!

      I sing A432 frequencies and have the intention. I also look at the image on this post. My visualization skills are unfortunately a bit limited, but energies can still be felt coming through.

  3. https://youtu.be/K9LRU6qJBmo?si=B0CYv55VEUSn1EJM

    Sharing a similar clearing meditation .
    Violet flame and White light collaborate together.

    1. The combination is very powerful! Excellent, thanks!

  4. Hello beautiful soul, I'm glad Cobra highlighted your work.
    We have a meditation fire An in France I would translate the instructions here and they may serve as a basis.
    Bisous 😘

  5. Some points need to be modified, such as the different planes to be cleansed, and I personally visualize the wave arriving at the moment of the event and the cintamani guardians anchoring the energy.
    It's in two parts

    Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes
    Breathe quietly Declare your intention to use this meditation as a means of eliminating the primary anomaly on all planes and on the surface of the Earth with the help of Source and the white fire of An, so that the event can occur as quickly as possible.
    Connect to the white fire of An by visualizing this great white light in the form of a vortex.
    Visualize this vortex descending on you and cleansing your energy field.
    Invoke ATVOR , repeat aloud or in your head:
    I call upon the pillar of white light to descend upon me and form around me, I invoke the presence of I Am that I Am, I invite the presence of I Am that I Am to join me and merge with me.

  6. Suite
    Visualize a pillar of light from the mothership above you descending upon you. This invocation will connect you to your higher self and create protection all around you.
    Visualize An's white fire emanating from the source, crossing the Galactic Central Sun, then entering our solar system and reaching Earth. Imagine this blond fire eliminating all primary anomalies in the astral, etheric, plasma and physical planes and on the Earth's surface.
    Imagine all primary anomalies disintegrating and disappearing forever in An's white fire. Imagine the Source absorbing all primordial anomalies and returning creation to its original harmony.
    Visualize the white fire of An and the Source activating the event with all its power. Visualize the event unfolding, imagining all the details.
    The arrests, the disclosures
    The abundance of social funds being distributed, access to new healing technologies, new technologies for transporting information. Imagine the first contact with our brothers and sisters from the stars of the galaxy.
    We're surrounded by love and light because it's the Source and our will.
    So be it and so it is (X3)
    Kisses 😘✨💖

    1. Restored to original harmony, cool! Thanks! 🤗

    2. yes, the closest thing is the Pandora films, which could represent this original harmony.

  7. By the way, there were 2 recent comments of mine that didn't get approved by Cobra.

    #1 was simply a link to Unveiling's recent article.
    My assumption: Cobra wants to protect me from the haters.

    #2 was a reply from me to someone who wants money for the conference and someone else came up with the good idea to start a "go fund me". My reply was something like: "Maybe it's too late, since one offer is already sold out."
    My assumption: My comment has been classified as "obstacle against planetary liberation".

    However, I have absolutely NO intention like that and just was expressing my opinion. This morning, I saw a comment that was quite passive aggressive against the goddess and to quote a part from it: " I protect her and F*&% her like a King."

    This comment is clearly alpha monkey behavior to me and at this point I'm confused again, why such comments get through, while my other 2 comments were much more civil! And by the way, I saw already a lot of other garbage that could be indeed seen as an obstacle against planetary liberation, but still gets through.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I thought about it a bit and decided against asking it. 😂
      Btw, I looked into the commenter's The Source blog on his profile - absolutely horrible blog.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. This profile bears a strong resemblance to a former Portal member whose pseudonym was King Joshua.
      He once posted a comment about having been in prison.
      I'm pretty sure it's him 🤔

    5. Yeah could be. Interesting, thanks!

  8. PS to my prior comment:

    My intention is not to accuse somebody or being a bitch Karen...
    I'm just curious and want to understand why certain things happen.
    Otherwise: Even if I would get banned, I could live with that and it wouldn't be the first time for me to get banned anywhere.

    Although I like to comment every now and then, there's still the real life! 😜
    I like it to be helpful, but I can also take the "fuck that shit!" stance! 😜

    Basically... the only reason why I'm still active at certain places on the Internet is because of this war.
    And yeah, I'm bitchy in this moment... but only because of this unclear communication, respectively because I have to guess every little thing! 🙄 However, what my inner guidance told me regarding my 2 comments makes indeed sense to me.

    1. I didn't mind the Goddess comment. I took it in jest, but everyone has different perspectives. Everyone comes from different backgrounds, so some may see that style of commenting more negatively.

      I'm more in a phase to stop reading comments lately. Shame that yours are not going through though. It's horrible to feel like one is being censored, for sure. It was a very hard loop to get out of when I felt like I was being censored. I'd try to let it go, but deeper layers in my subconscious took over, going back to negative experiences and programming from childhood. Most adults are that way. Negative programming from the past gets hard-wired into the mind. It's actually the most difficult thing in the world to correct subconscious negative programming (shadow work).

    2. @ Starlight:

      The main reason for trigger was pretty simple:
      I feel like a woman.

      And the second reason is the paradox behavior:
      Saying on one hand " I am neither inferior or superior to any other being."
      But at the same time saying that he wants to fuck the goddess like a king? (and this statement gives me the feeling that somebody feels indeed superior, like a macho)

    3. I mean, sure, it's our free will to react on something or not, but sometimes, I can't shut my mouth and that one comment confused me because Cobra is actually pro goddess.

      Why is such a comment accepted, but not mine with the like to Unveiling's site or my opinion to the conference? For the latter I could imagine that I hit a nerve, but I really can't understand why my first comment didn't come through because, TheUnveiling is very much in tune with Cobra, but as I said already, I guess it's maybe to protect me from the haters.

      Well... if it wouldn't be about a war, then I wouldn't be so upset about something like that. 😁

    4. I hadn't thought about the comment that way. Yeah, could be seen that way. There are different layers and types of superior/inferior. There's also dominant/submissive. Words can be tricky.
      Maybe in the next comment update some or all of your comments will go through.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Just one more thing and just to say it theoretically:
    I don't like neither of them, but I can handle arbitrariness better than uncertainty!

    If I know what's going on, then I can at least say: "Okay... that's how it is and I have to deal with it, whether I like or not. But at least, I know the truth and can act accordingly!"

    1. Uncertainty definitely plays into it. The mind goes crazy when it can't figure something out.

  11. I have a theory:

    Since yesterday evening, I had certain problems all of the sudden again (see Murphys law - "what can go wrong, will go wrong"). But, hours before that, I felt really GOOD!
    And today this morning, bad things continue.

    I have the suspicion that The Lurker is after me!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This was exactly the case for me yesterday as well! I felt amazing earlier in the day, and then things started to go wrong and I felt terrible! Could be the Lurker and/or remnants of the implants. Implants are designed to keep people, and especially lightworkers, in line when they get 'too happy.' Glad that this control matrix is finally collapsing.

  12. Things are moving up there ‼️
    big geomagnetic storm of level kp6 on 9 in preparation for tomorrow 19/9 ‼️
    As Equinox approaches on 23/9, powerful integration combo 🔥🔥🔥
    Feelings may be:
    Whistling or ringing in the ears, insomnia or sleeping like a lump 🙃, feeling the need to hydrate more, walking, less appetite (fire on digestive), tremors, tingling, headaches, loss of balance, feeling emotionally oscillating, pressure on the heart centre, at the coronal level, 3rd eye etc.
    Welcome this passage in the peace of the Heart vibrating with Love 💜🕊
    Divine essence

    1. Thanks for the heads up! Yeah, my heartbeat has been known to skip when there is a geomagnetic storm, and the more intense the storm, the more tired I get. Level 9? WOW!!! Strongest possible storm.💥

    2. Thanks for the info, I will observe the next days.
      Actually, I have some heartburn and emotional rollercoaster already. 😁

    3. Oh yeah - I've noticed that just before a geo storm things can be intense as well!

  13. I guess, I have to go back to this, because I really got haunted by confusion and paranoia:



  14. I'm talking to both of you.
    I do not understand indeed why this comment was published Cobra is it not supposed to represent and protect the Goddess 🤔.
    After I noticed that some comments ( not on the Portal I did not put the tracking )
    are published in staggered bug in the matrix?
    Thanks Libra, I replied 😁 sometimes I wonder how the Lighforces will manage to stabilize this kind of nonsense.
    . Be careful something happens I do not know what good or bad, prepare yourself is the advice I'm given my dreams are fuzzy.
    If you decide to purge the Luker I think you need to strategically cut it off from the dark ones who use and feed it, for example by visualizing the links between them disintegrating in the white fire of An or the violet flame 🔥
    Kisses to you both 😘

    1. Maybe Cobra was allowing the comment through to expose tactics used.

      The flames definitely help! 🔥

    2. From April 14th 2023:

      Patrick: Oh, very good. Okay. Next one. In the previous interview, you mentioned that the Light Force are developing a new protocol for individual use of Mjolnir technology. Is there any update on this development?

      Cobra: Not yet, but it might come in the next few months.

      See also: https://www.welovemassmeditation.com/2023/03/cobra-interview-on-portal-of-light-activation-by-wlmm-igag-and-japan-prepare-for-change-official.html

      I say:
      Time to use the sledgehammer! ✊

    3. Hopefully it'll reach a point where clearing subquantum doesn't make people go crazy. Cobra said the surface population was ready for it yet, but maybe that'll change soon.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. https://www.facebook.com/reel/836145494591209?mibextid=rS40aB7S9Ucbxw6v

    Worth a look possibly a reptilian .🤔

  17. Honestly, what little I see on the networks the number of toys/tools seems to multiply 🤔.
    But sometimes there's a positive egregore (a group united against the "aggressor") that counters the attack ☺️ .
    I find that it's breaking out all over the planet now it's Azerbaijan apartment against terrorists.
    After all these natural and man-made disasters, we're having a hard time: fuel prices are soaring, so is the cost of electricity, and the rest will probably follow.
    Yesterday I went to see a loved one at the end of her life, it's terrible it's been 15 days that her family has been watching her night and day, she's in a coma I gave my energetic support to everyone, she's a beautiful generous soul who has always offered her heart to everyone, she doesn't deserve an end like this I asked for the support of my team before I felt a beautiful energy in the room and her daughters seemed to be doing better ☺️.
    I also passed the hospital with the pink flame, and there was a young mother at the end of her life due to cancer.
    The staff are lovely, but this kind of thing shouldn't exist any more, it's all due to the Luker and a handle on the Surface.
    I went for a long walk I needed to disconnect and it feels better 🌱🌈.
    Kisses to you both 😘

    1. Sorry to hear that! Glad you provided support. It really does help in those kinds of situations.

      I don't look at all the chaos in the world like food and gas prices and so forth. It becomes a doom and gloom trap. I keep an eye open, but from a distance. Going on a long walk like you said helps quite a bit. Really important to not let things become a drag! Looks like you handled things well. 🤗

    2. Thank you very much Starlight.
      I have just learned that her suffering and that of her loved ones has come to an end it was my wish I had discussed it with my team I hope that her soul family was able to help this beautiful soul join the Light.

  18. @ Maia:

    I guess, the goddess' message to her enemies would be something like the following:


    1. Yes it could be for a Mother Goddess ☺️ I think psychic's last comment is brilliant .
      "-the Mother of human race has been incarnated. She will lead the Ascension journey. (This is a big one.) She is the leader of the entire planet. This is her last incarnation. She is the authority over human race. We will prevail."
      I can imagine the fear changing sides just at the thought 😁.
      You know the most powerful organ is your heart Libra it's a powerful energy portal that's why it's often the emotional attacks that we take .
      Kisses to you both 🤗😘🌹.

  19. I remember that someone wanted to buy a galactic Cintamani.
    Here can you buy it:


    Regular Cintamanis can be bought here:


    1. My Goddess the prizes 😱!
      Cobra's website sells them cheaper and tachyonized.
      Some room keepers in Tachyon also sell them at very affordable prices.😉

    2. I didn't know Cobra had two sites for cintamanis, thanks Libra.
      Tachyonis and Cintamani space


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