Russia Promotes China and the New World Order on RT News

For those who are able to go to the link, here is the link:

Indeed, this is just one tyrannical regime being replaced by another.


  1. Interestingly, I did not go to Jim Stone's website to find this link. I looked it up independently, and then later saw it published on his site.

  2. Hello Starlight432. In The Netherlands I can't find access to the RT website information. Some time ago I found the announcement that the RT website was blocked in Europe. Therefore, could you in some way create a PDF from the above RT pages, and send it to me ?
    Or publish it here on this page if that's possible?
    Best wishes, Devon.

    1. Sorry, I've been trying for the last 45 minutes to find a way to convert it to PDF, and found an extension to do so, but it jumbles up the text. I am also unable to upload it as an html file to this blog, but I will email the html version to you.

    2. Hello Starlight432. Someone else was kind enough to sent me the RT page with the report.
      These words of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who said in late August that “the obsolete unipolar model is being superseded by a new world order based on the fundamental principles of justice, equality, and the recognition of the right of each nation and state to its sovereign path of development." to me, don't suggest Putin's agreement with the conduct of China, keeping its population in horrible conditions. The term "new world order" might be used without the charge WEF has attached to it, who knows?
      I've studied Russia's history lately, and also President Putin's behavior, his speeches also. Nothing suggests that he's inclined to join the WEF's program. As far as I'm informed, it's Ukraine following and obeying that program. The Khazarian part of Ukraine are the warlords in this present war, supported by the US, the CIA and mercenaries of other parts of the world. Russia is challenged to start a 3rd worldwar, by receiving the first bomb from Ukraine, 2 weeks prior to the official news about a so called Russian attack on Ukraine. The entire machinery of what happens overthere is a trigger attempt to create havoc in Europe, and destroy the national roots of its nations. The UK has left the EU, and I wonder if it was informed about what's in the pipeline. The British leaders are very experienced with tactical maneuvers, since Britain became a World Empire, see?
      There's an old plan, designed by Coudenhove Kalergi, dating 1923, aiming at Europe's uprootment.
      Related to the long lasting animosity between the US and Russia, but in a one way direction towards Russia, I believe. Hence the NATO presence around Ukraine. The US has broken all promises made towards Russia. The American effort to rule the world has grown out of proportion I believe.
      The flaws within all systems based on power abuse are beginning to show, causing implosion, erosion and madness. President Biden is a walking example of this.
      His son Hunter was involved in funding the numerous bio-labs in Ukraine. His laptop has revealed these facts. Of course it's hushed up, although I believe there's a sword of Damocles hanging over the Biden family.
      At least, I believe that Europe is in the thick of the game "divide and conquer", with the EU in cahoots with the WEF in full swing. Once we're starved, miserable, and desperate, Herr Schwab stands ready with his Great Reset, to make us willing to give up our sovereignty.
      Not that I see it in reality, for there are too many waking up, hearing the flute of the Pied Piper, not following.

    3. Hey, yeah, I sent it in an email. Sorry I haven't replied, but I'm a bit stretched for time. I'm simply maintaining the idea that everything will work out in the end, one way or another.

  3. Hello Starlight432. Could you please copy the content of those RT pages, visible above, and create a PDF file so that I can read it? In my country, The Netherlands, RT is banned. It amazes me that Russia joins hands with China for negative reasons, because President Putin is outspoken against the Great Reset of the WEF and all that jazz. I've got a hunch that the position of power on planet Earth is shifting much, now that the US begins to implode while screaming loud like a pig at the slaughterhouse 😉


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